Monday, November 28, 2011

I scream, you scream

There are a couple of places to eat on the grounds of the Château de Chenonceau. One is a nice looking full-service restaurant tucked away behind the out-buildings and the other is more of a self-service place with tables inside and outside closer to the main walkways. Next to that second place is a little stand that sells ice cream cones.

What's the scoop?

The woman working the stand on this day was pretty busy. I noticed that she had a constant line of two or three people while I was wandering around.


  1. I would have been in the queue for ice-cream. We never have it at home but when I'm out anywhere I can't resist. It makes me feel 12 years old again.

  2. And it's good icecream, worth lining up for.

    Hope your neck gets better by your birthday if not sooner. It's sounded thoroughly miserable. Unfortunately it may be one of those conditions that once you've had it, you may be prone to it and have to be increasingly careful. Perhaps trim the hedge a half metre at a time, working throughout the year? (Not a serious suggestion, in case you were wondering.)

  3. Wow. And just imagine the business she'd have if she sold ice cream with those cones!

  4. Ice cream and history. Does it get any better?

  5. @Mitch, just what I thought! Why is she only selling ice cream CONES.

  6. jean, I know what you mean. But I resisted on this occasion.

    susan, I'm sure! And thanks. I'm thinking about that, and also about finding someone who I might pay to do it for me.

    mitch, lol!

    starman, apple pie and mathematics? ;)

    peter, oh, you want ice cream with that?! :)


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