Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Je suis passé, inaperçu

As I wandered around in the museum, I passed by the larger of the terraces. This is the one from which I took the skyline photos. The sun shades were pulled down, but I noticed my cousin standing out at the edge with his back to the view. Then I noticed Julie, across the little water feature, taking his picture.

The terrace was moderately crowded, but I got a shot with just the two of them. Lucky!

Because of the sun shade, they couldn't see me inside the building, so I snapped a few shots of them. This one turned out to be my favorite.


  1. Good piccies are not your your equipment - its the art of perception.
    Walt - you win again.

  2. Nice picture of the two plus the reflection. Great :-)

  3. Walt,

    As you know, I'm scanning old slides into my computer. I came across slides that Bill took when we visited Canada in 1966. Some very interesting pictures of Quebec and Montreal. The French influence was alive and very much in sight during our trip. I will make a movie of this slides and post it to my blog shortly. I always enjoy your wonderful photos. You are a special joy.

  4. leon, is there a prize? LOL

    t.b., thanks!

    ron, I'm looking forward to that. I've only been to Québec and Montréal once. It'll be cool to see your photos.

  5. I love the pic. Another piece of art.

    Am imagining it cropped narrowly to show just your nephew and his reflection; and then flipped so the real nephew becomes his own reflection.

  6. mitch, You sound like a boss I had once... ;)

  7. Oh, crap! Didn't mean to do that. I just LOVE that picture. By the way, I DID crop it and flip it. It's a blast. Then I cropped out the bottom person (which had been the top). A great piece of abstract art! But sorry for sounding like your old boss!


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