Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A nice sit-down

This is the area of outdoor tables at the self-service food place on the castle grounds. It always looks inviting, until it fills up with people. It's not very often that I visit the castle in the height of the tourist season, so I usually see the place empty with all the umbrellas folded up as it's cold and/or raining.

Just a few folks enjoying a break and cold drink.

But this day was nice and people were enjoying sitting out and having a snack. Lunch time was over, but I can imagine that there might have been quite a crowd an hour or two earlier.


  1. A nice sit down is a nice thing to do - its 8:20 PM here on a balmy 30 degree almost summer night. Sue and I might just go and have a nice sit down on the garden deck with coffee and port.
    Thanks Walt for the inspiration.

  2. It'd be nice to have more sit-down places like this here.

  3. Is the photo current...?
    I this what the end of November looks like in Loire Valley


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