Thursday, November 10, 2011


I just had to take my own photo in the Pompidou Center. I think it's the law. You can also see me in this week's Image of the Week on the right. I'm reflected in a silver ball that sits in the middle of the room, the silver ball being the reason the walls and floors look distorted.

Self portrait at the Pompidou Center.

I don't know what piece of art this is, but I took my picture in it. An improvement? Maybe not. But I'll tell you about a real improvement: my back. I went to see the kiné again on Monday and after my session, my neck was really sore. But then at some point on Tuesday afternoon I noticed that it didn't feel so bad. I think I'm actually healing. There is still some pain, but it's much duller than it has been. I notice it more when I'm sitting at the computer, so I get up and walk around after about ten minutes in front of the screen. That's probably a good thing, anyway.


  1. Glad to see you take your rightful place as an official work of art. And especially glad your back appears to be improving.

  2. I'm a power-washer convert, too :)
    Good news about your neck!

  3. Glad you're healing. We share a power washer with a friend, they are quite useful.

  4. I'm very happy about your neck.

  5. So glad you are on the mend! Maggie

  6. Walt

    We are convert of power washer also. So easy to clean patio, driveway and steps leading to the house.

    So you must be healing because , depending on the pressure used on the Kärcher machine, your hands have that "trembling effect " after you use it for the first time.

  7. Great news that the therapy is doing it's job!
    Creative use of the reflection in the silver ball! I'll have to keep that in mind. DARN. I missed my chance when I was at the Vatican City Museum. There is a large silver ball there in the courtyard...

    Mary in Oregon

  8. mitch, I sure hope so. I don't handle pain well.

    judy, I'm still amazed it took so long to figure out.

    evelyn, we're now shopping for one!

    cubby, thanks!

    maggie, merci!

    t.b., oh, I didn't notice a "trembling effect." Maybe I'm doing it wrong? ;)

    mary, I can't help but wonder if it's the therapy or just natural healing... hmmmmm...

    starman, first I cleaned the algae off the shady side of the fence between our house and the road. Then I did a portion of the tiled deck. I'll do the rest when we get everything else in for the winter. And I have many more plans for using it next spring!

    This is actually a power washer that friends lent us to try out. They swear by it. So we tried it and we're quite impressed and have begun shopping for one of our own.

  9. I like these type of photos! Fun to do and you never know what you will get.
    Good to hear your back is improving....nothing worse than back pain, ask Ron my husband.

  10. What is a "power washer", Evelyn and Walt ?
    I'm so glad to know that your back is almost healed :-) Sitting at the computer for too long a time is very bad for our "cervicales"...

  11. jim, thanks. I'm doing much better now.

    mary07, it's the common name for a Kärcher. Et merci. :)


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