Thursday, November 17, 2011

On arrive à la fin

I spent forty-eight hours in Paris at the beginning of September and have been posting the photos I took while there for the past two months. This is the last one. At least for now.

After finishing at the museum we went out for lunch and then I got my train back home.

It's a view of the corridor on the top level of the Pompidou Center that connects the exhibit space on the inside of the building to the escalators that hang off the exterior. I really enjoyed this museum and I appreciate that my cousin Mark and his wife Julie let me tag along with them for a couple of days during their honeymoon. It was great fun.

So, what's next? Well, we still had some visitors in September and October and we got out and about a bit. You'll see.


  1. You could market yourself as a personal guide for people visiting Paris. Complete with photographs!

  2. I've really been enjoying your photos of a Paris that I haven't seen before.....

  3. Tomorrow is going to be hard on me- I've really enjoyed Paris through your eyes.

  4. I feel like I went on an adventure with you. It was fun.

  5. Another great place with fantastic views without having to be out in the weather.

  6. Awww. I'm with Evelyn. I really, really enjoyed your "walk." Thanks so much!

  7. I like it Walt! Looking at this circular tube gives me a feeling of comfort of...what...uh....ah yes! The womb.

  8. Heavens! It looks like a big Habitrail for mutant kingsize (french?) gerbils.

  9. mark, I'll get started on a business plan. Yup.

    kristi, I'm glad!

    evelyn, I suspect you'll make the transition!

    cubby, cool. I'm happy you enjoyed it!

    starman, except on this day, the weather was gorgeous!

    chris, you bet!

    ron, that never occurred to me...

    michael, that's exactly what it feels like! lol

  10. Start that business plan, Walt! You have enough blog followers that we probably would just enjoy the company as well as the directions you would take us!

    Mary in Oregon

  11. I love the Pompidou Center. When we visit Paris we often stay nearby.


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