Saturday, November 12, 2011

Un pigeon qui patauge

There are outdoor terraces on the upper floors of the Pompidou center for taking in the views without having to look through heavily tinted glass or sun shades. Each terrace has a small water feature and some sculpture. Not to mention a pigeon or two.

Just perfect for wading pigeons!

This one was enjoying standing in a shallow pool out of the sun. I did take a few view photos (like yesterday's) that I'll post over the next few days. We're almost at the end of these forty-eight hours in Paris. I started the series on September 11, two months ago.


  1. Paris hours can be intense and we've certainly enjoyed your 48 hours there.

    I'm glad the pigeons found a place to cool off on that warm day.

  2. Well, I certainly did not know "patauger"!

  3. We (T, C, and granddaughter) passed a good half hour communing with that (pigeon-free) pool on a hot July day. It was time well spent.

  4. evelyn, we packed a lot into those couple of days!

    judy, I learned it from a song.

    chris, cool!


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