Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stacked stone

This is a shot looking directly up at one of the corbelled supports under a balcony (I think) on the front of the Chenonceau castle. It looks to me that it's been recently cleaned, if not repaired. A fancy bit of stone work, to be sure.

This is one of a pair, the other is to the right.

This is one of the few photos of the castle that I took on this day. Like I said, I spent most of the time outside looking at the construction work that was going on and at the people coming and going.

At one point, two women who saw me taking pictures asked me to help them with their camera. I don't remember what the problem was, but they had some setting wrong and I was able to fix it. They were very nice and very grateful.


  1. re newsiness: LOL ! our Thanksgiving dinner would have gone quack quack :-)

  2. Walt, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ken. Have a great day!

  3. I forgot how bah bah is translated in french. Happy Thanksgiving day to you and Ken!

  4. Walt

    Happy Gobble Gobble anyway :-)

    Or like the Quebecers would say : Joyeuse action de grâce

  5. I love how you look at things in a different way to get just the right shot. Nice angle for the photo!

    Wishing you and Ken a nice Thanksgiving, whether or not you're observing it. I'm just taking pause to appreciate my friends in life. So glad you're part of mine!

  6. I am very fond of Rock. It makes me Well.

  7. n&a, sounds good!

    mark, thanks. I hope you and yours enjoyed your day the coming weekend!

    nadege, le mouton bêle, but I don't know how the sound is made, as in the ouah-ouah du chien.

    t.b., merci!

    ginny, thanks! We did our traditional leg of lamb dinner for the day. This year it was just the two of us plus Callie and Bertie.

    starman, same to you!

    michael, I knew that about you. ;)


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