Sunday, November 20, 2011

On the castle grounds

Back in early September, after I got back from the Paris trip, we enjoyed the company of two of Ken's friends from back in his grad school days. Well, Bob was from grad school, Norma became his wife soon after. Ken participated in their wedding back in the (gasp) 1970s.

A planter on one of the terraces outside the castle, overlooking the Cher River.

One of the things we did during Bob and Norma's fun but all-too-brief stay was to visit the Château de Chenonceau. It's the castle that spans the Cher River and it's all of a twenty minute drive from our house. Ken and I have been to this castle numerous times over the years. It's a must-see on the château circuit. And, as such, is often very, very crowded.

On this day the crowds were not as bad as I've seen them, but I still got antsy inside the smaller rooms of the place. Since I tend to get a bit claustrophobic in enclosed spaces with a lot of people (or even a few), I ditched Ken and Bob and Norma and went outside to wander while they enjoyed the castle's rooms.


  1. What a great photo...

    You know, if you turned it upside down, the planter would look...

    Just kidding


  2. Mitch, an upside down fuzzy mushroom?

    Walt, good job on the yard work. Love the turkey. Are you having chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, or veggie pie for Thanksgiving?

  3. All that yard work is why I live in an apartment.

  4. Seine Judeet:
    Don't really know what it would look like. It's just that I got carried away recently (inspired) by another one of Walt's brilliant photos and had all these great "suggestions" as to what he could do to turn it into a bit of abstract art. I was just a bit annoying...

  5. mitch, hehe... you're never annoying. ;)

    judy, we're having lamb as is our tradition!

    starman, I actually enjoy doing it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and it's good exercise.

  6. Walt, our visit with you and Ken in early September was a highlight of our brief trip to France for the wedding of our mutual friend's daughter. You are Ken are such great hosts.

    The photo of the planter reminded me of all the stunning floral arrangements throughout the castle that day and of our leisurely walk through the garden where they (as well as vegetables for the on-site restaurant) are grown.

    We are preparing for a turkey feast on Thursday and enjoying the company of family, including Norma's 90 year old mother, and a 94 year old friend.

  7. bob, we had a terrific time. I so glad I got you meet you and Norma after hearing about you all these years! We hope to see you again soon.


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