Monday, November 14, 2011

Pour mieux nager

This sculpture is on a terrace on the north end of the building. I don't remember seeing anyone out there, nor did I go out myself. I'm not sure if the door was locked or if I just didn't notice the door, but I didn't go outside.

I didn't make it out onto this terrace.

The sculpture is instantly recognizable as one of Alexander Calder's. It's called "Nageoire" which is the French word for "Fin." As in shark fin. He completed it in 1964.


  1. Thanks for the photo of The Fin. When we went to the Museum of Modern Arts at Bilbao, we had the pleasure of an artist to help us not to snigger and dismiss the Art. The Fin here looks a bit wrong amidst ceiling supports, railings and other building metal - not forgetting the carpet tiles. Sorry, Mr Calder, not my 'cup of tea'.

  2. Great photo, very dramatic.

  3. lesley, that's the thing about art. Everybody gets to have an opinion!

    jean, thanks. I like the lines and contrasts.

    mitch, I think it's very subtle. Well, as subtle as a huge black sculpture can be.

    michael, at night.

  4. There's one very similar to this at La Défense.

  5. starman, yeah. I think there are a lot of similar ones. There's one in a fountain in my home town. You can see it in this photo I took on my last trip.


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