Wednesday, November 16, 2011

J'aurais voulu être un artiste

I saw this rather elaborate bit of graffiti/art while looking out over the rooftops from the Pompidou Center. I'll bet that apartment is pretty cool. I'd love to see inside.

Typical Parisian roof tops.

I suppose that the artist chose this wall because he/she knew it was very visible from the terrace of the modern art museum. I'd rather see that than advertising.


  1. Compared to the UK, continental graffiti is much more imaginative, better composed and better executed!
    Some, I am sure, would be very commercial.

  2. I love graffiti, b& of course, the French do it so much better.

  3. I wonder if the occupants of the apartment knew he was out there doing that? It reminds me of an American cartoon titled "Jeremy".

  4. Pity that more people don't feel the way you do WCS, that Graffiti (when done well) is far more appealing than advertising billboards etc.

  5. I agree with a previous commentor, the French seem to do everything with more flair and flavor. Even the slummy houses with graffiti look better.

  6. tim, "continental graffiti." hehehehe!

    stephen, but of course.

    starman, I wonder!

    evol, good graffiti isn't intrusive the way bad (and some good) advertising can be.

    ron, the exotic can seem very appealing. The grass is always greener (over the septic tank). lol


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