Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spot me

I suppose the lights have to be installed somewhere. At Chenonceau, they're installed everywhere. I've never been to the castle after dark. It closes at five o'clock in the afternoon between November and February, which is pretty much right when it gets dark. But I have seen photos of it all lit up.

You light up my life.

One way to see the lights is to walk along the river path on the left bank, which is free and doesn't close. I should plan to do that one of these days, or evenings, as it were.


  1. And thank you so very much for not posting a video clip of Debbie Boone singing "You Light Up My Life," although I now can't get that nightmare out of my head anyway.

  2. Are those the kind of lights used for "sound and light" presentations? Son et luminere?

    I love lights this time of year. Christmas lights are popping up in my neighborhood now.

  3. mitch, you give me hope, to carry on.

    evelyn, I wonder...

    michael, something like that. :)

  4. Walt, More than 40 years ago, before we got married, Paul and I visited Chenonceau and stayed nearby. We attended the "son et lumière" show in the evening. It was beautiful. I bet those lights are for the show. On our visit to you in July, we toyed with the idea of the "son et lumière" again, but forgot about it.
    I certainly recommend it for your readers who might come through the area. I have no idea what it costs, now. 40+ years ago, we thought it was beautiful, but expensive.


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