Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'll cross that bridge...

I did cross that bridge. Many times. It's one of a couple of spans across the water to get from the "mainland" out to the castle at Chenonceau. The river bank on the castle's entrance side (the right bank of the Cher) is carved into small channels, a stone dock, and a boat launch. On either side, and high above the water level, are the two signature castle gardens.

Visitors crossing a bridge on their way to the castle.

I was down by the docking area watching the fish, which were probably des brochets (pike), swimming around among the river plants when I took this picture.


  1. If there was more than one of them I don't think they would have been pike. Pike are secretive lone hunters.

  2. susan, they were each swimming alone, but I did see more than one. I also saw some tiny fish (or fry?) in little groups around the plants.

  3. Beautiful.

    Hope you're safe in your house (and that it is actually safe in your house) when the hunters are out in force.

  4. Another of the many examples of why I love Europe.

  5. Great color and composition as always Walt. Your photos are always so refreshing to look at.

  6. mitch, yes. We're safe. It's just when we're wandering out in the woods that we may be mistaken for something wild.

    starman, :)

    ron, thanks!


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