Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Un deuxième café

There's a big café on the Place de la Contrescarpe that faces south and on this sunny Saturday morning it was very inviting. There were a few tables taken, but the place was mostly empty. Three American (I think) men were finishing their coffees at a table close to where I sat. They were obviously planning their day as tourists.

This café wasn't bustling, which was perfect. Click to caffeinate.

Another couple were eating croissants with their coffees. A man in a suit was buried in his newspaper. I ordered a coffee and took out my camera. A delivery truck pulled up in front of the café on the other side of the place and the driver unloaded whatever it was he was delivering.


  1. I really like this little snippet of a story. It's like the intro to something larger.
    Gorgeous photo.

  2. A moment in time is worth a life time of memories -Ta Walt

  3. I like that quote by Leon & Sue. It is so true. Be advised, I'm going to steal it!

    Hope you and Ken will be feeling better very soon.

  4. I love this shot. It's so Paris (or Europe for that matter).

  5. mark, maybe there's a novel in there... ;)

    leon, cheers!

    chm, we do to. Thanks!

    starman, thanks. I think so, too.

  6. Great photo - I love the tables and chairs all lined up perfectly. And you're right - it could easily be the start of a novel !!

  7. LOVEEEEEEEE this photo in particular as well as ALLLLL of your other photos, Walt.. Sorry it's been so long, I'm getting back to blogging now... and catching up!!

    Have a great week..

  8. leesa, thanks! You've been busy!


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