Sunday, May 20, 2012

Culture shock

If everything goes according to plan, by the time this posts, we will be on the ground in Paris. I was still in Hyannis, Massachusetts, when I typed this. On Friday night, we drove up to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod for a walk and dinner.

An American burger joint in Provincetown on Cape Cod.

Dinner was modest, a couple of pizzas and some wine. For some reason, we were a little tired. But we enjoyed walking through town and seeing the sights.

Now we're waiting for our train south to home. It'll be nice to get home, see the animules, and unpack.


  1. I hope the flights went smoothly and if you're not already home that you'll be there soon.

    Deep-fried corn on the cob?!?!?

  2. Love this picture-it looks so USA. I see a rainbow flag even;) Happy homecoming to you and Ken.

  3. Mitchell and Evelyn, those were my two thoughts exactly-- deep fried corn on the cob?!?!? And the photo reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting-- great colors!

  4. p.s. While in Hyannis, did you get to smell that fabulous ocean breeze smell? I just miss that so much living out here in the land of the Mississippi.

  5. Judy, I really did smell that salt air smell. I told Walt that it smelled like, as we say in North Carolina, "low tide" — you have to say it with the accent. I don't know how to transcribe that.

  6. I love being in new places and seeing new things, but I hate the actual traveling. Welcome home.

  7. Glad to hear you made it home without any problems. Callie must be beside herself! Mr. Bertie probably sniffed you and said "Well, where the heck have YOU been?" Hope jet lag is not too tiresome. ;-)

  8. mitch, everything is good. Except, maybe, the deep fried corn on the cob.

    evelyn, thanks! It's good to be back.

    judy, it was nice to see (and smell) the ocean!

    starman, we were lucky and had a smooth travel experience. It is tiring, though.

    ellen, merci!

    cheryl, I think Callie is relieved and can now relax. She's napping now, after her morning walk, treats, and breakfast.


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