Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The vines are waiting

The grapes are ripening; they look good. Most of the reds have turned dark and look as plump as they're going to get. The whites are getting that ripe look as well. All now waits for the decision as to when to harvest.

Neat rows of grape vines on the slopes out behind our house.

That will, I'm sure, depend on the weather. Then the vineyard will begin buzzing with activity. General hunting season begins in a couple of weeks, but there have already been a few organized hunts in the vineyards and the adjacent woods these past weeks.


  1. "In the merry old land of Oz." I didn't know you were in Australia.

  2. When might the harvest begin? I assume the growers want to leave the grapes on the vice as long as they can without risking cool weather?

    I know the folks in Ontario that make Ice wine want there to be as little time as possible between normal harvest weather and the first hard freeze.

  3. david, I'm not sure when they'll start, maybe a week or two. There are some growers who do late harvest wines around us (I know of one in particular), but most wine is normal harvest. It'll all depend on the weather, especially if it starts raining.


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