Monday, September 03, 2012

Things I hate

I don't hate much. But when I hit the enter key and a draft post publishes, even when it's only a title with nothing else, well, that really pisses me off. Only because I know that people around the world will see a new post from me, only to click through and find nothing.

These wispy things (wild clematis) will get all furry soon. Botany is not my forté.

I hate that. I know it's my fault for hitting the wrong key, but really. There should be a "Do you really want to publish this?" dialogue box. I mean, they have "Do you really want to delete this?" and "Do you really want to exit?" boxes all over the place. Is it so little to ask for?

As you can see, I have nothing to say. But I do have this picture.


  1. I feel your pain Walt. It's nice to have a few draft posts saved that can be published at a later date.
    When I saw the "Whispy" title yesterday, and no update, I figured that was the case, especially since you had already posted for the day.
    Don't worry too much about it, have a nice glass of wine and relax. C'est la vie.

  2. Premature posting - it really is a pain !!
    I have done it myself a time or two and so have other blogs that I follow. Luckily we, your readers, are an understand and not hypercritical lot, on the whole !!

  3. Walt,

    I like you. I've done that, accidentally hit the "Publish" key and pffft! There it is, out there on the Internet. Quick! Delete it or else my many (ha!) followers will be confused thinking "What's Ron trying to say now?" I agree with you, Blogger should have an "Are you sure?" button before you publish the latest blog entry.


  4. The picture is worth a thousand words. And the post was very entertaining. I've done the same thing. And today I accidentally deleted my entire post just BEFORE publishing it. And before I could undo it I watched blogspot SAVE it... which meant I couldn't get it back. Argh!

    All that being said, I've decided to not follow your blog anymore. Just too annoying when you publish nothing. A big waste of my time. Time is money, you know. Oh, wait. No it's not.

    Never mind.

  5. Walt... your wild clematis is known as Old Man's Beard in the UK... presumably because of the whispy nature of the fluffy seed heads!

    As yet... as yet... I haven't suffered from premature publication [but there is probably a medicine one can take*...] but have often suffered from post comment failure... so often, that I have now started to cut and paste any long comments [like this] into Notepad... which allows me to just paste them back in when "Blodger" throws a hissy-fit!!

    *Comes in a crown-corked bottle probably!

  6. and it is worth a thousand words; indeed. I look forward (as always) to your next photo and prose.

  7. virginiac, not to worry, there's always a glass of wine handy around here. :)

    jean, I'm happy that you're all so understanding!

    ron, well, as they say, you get what you pay for. And since Blogger is free, well, maybe we get a little more.

    mitch, I've done that, too. Not a happy feeling. And good riddance. LOL.

    tim, I do the same with comments because they tend to disappear more frequently.

    michael, you may regret that... ;)

  8. and a beautifli picture it is. Thanks


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