Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back yard archeology

Technically, no. It's not my back yard and it's not archeology, but it's close enough. I saw this shard of a plate or ceramic tile on the road out in the vineyard. It's a gravel road and there are all kinds of bits and things findable out there, especially after heavy rains wash some of the sand away.

Obviously not a natural formation.

We got perilously close to freezing this morning. I'm hoping all the budding and flowering plants aren't harmed. Morning temperatures are expected to frôler les zéro dégrées (brush with zero) all week.


  1. Is it flat or curved? Is it thin like a plate or bowl or thick like a wall tile? Can you find where that pattern was popular? You could spend many hours on this little broken piece.
    It's amazing what comes up after years and years of tilling or just rainwash. Maybe, some day, a Gallo-Roman artifact or a chip off one.

  2. when I lived with my parents, I would find pieces of pottery in the back yard after a rain/snow event. my parents knew that the land on which their house was built was formerly used as a picnic grounds for pennsylvania railroad employees and their families. imagine bringing heavy pottery on a picnic!

  3. I wonder if you'd be arrested if you were to pick up that priceless shard and take it home.

  4. archeologists rely on these pottery bits to learn history; I'd leave it there for posterity's sake.

  5. ellen, I'm exhausted just reading that! I didn't pick it up or otherwise touch it, so I can't answer. :)

    anne marie, it's better than finding bits of tupperware! lol

    mitch, not likely... but people have been seen dumping junk (like this) out on the side of the road. I hate that.

    starman, hmmmmm...

    michael, I certainly will. :)


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