Thursday, March 07, 2013

Maybe he's an artist

Several of you have suggested that our organized neighbor may be an artist (at heart if not in fact). One never knows. I think he's more likely to be a retired construction or maintenance worker who putters around with stuff like he used to when he worked. Hey, it's a theory. But why not an artist?

I call it "old springs and rust with hinge and keyhole."

It's a shame that not many people get to enjoy his work. But, through the magic of blogging, you get to experience it. Here is some more of his collection. Any bids?


  1. I'd call it "Springtime".

  2. chm :)

    Walt, I agree with your theory that he's been neat, tidy and organized both personally and professionaly his entire life.

  3. He was/is an engineer if you ask me. I know the signs (because I live with one)!

  4. I agree with the three comments above.
    63 F (17 C) at 5.30 pm in Tours. Spring is finally here. And it is clear too; you must be feeling so alive after this long hibernation.

  5. Whether he's an artist or not doesn't matter; you are, with you photos.

  6. It's at least as good as some of the "art" I've seen at the Pompidou!

  7. chm, mdr !

    bettyann, I wonder what his house looks like.

    craig, a very good theory, indeed.

    nadege, yes, it's feeling very nice. Raining, but warm. Well, "warm."

    ellen, :)

    starman, pretty similar!

  8. the lighter section, with the two vertical springs, looks like an animal of some kind. A sheep? A sheep going into its barn?


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