Monday, March 25, 2013

Secret signals

The vineyards out back are not owned by one person. There are many individual parcels owned and tended by different local growers. After ten years, I pretty much know who owns which bunch of vines out there. Some of the parcels are marked off by little flags or rags, like this one.

A rag tied to the support wire at the end of a row of vines.

I don't know what they mean, really. They're not permanent; they appear and disappear or get moved around from time to time. I suspect they have something to do with marking the starting/stopping points for seasonal workers who aren't familiar with the vineyard layout.


  1. That's interesting......wonder what it really means.....somehow I think you may be correct.

  2. It looks a little sinister.....
    Is that a blood spot?

  3. Moi, je préfère les rubans jaunes attachés autour des vieux chênes.

  4. it is an interesting concept - I thought all vines in a vineyard would be owned by one person or company.


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