Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring un-sprung

It feels more like fall. Late fall. Early winter, even. The mornings are at or below zero and are expected to be the same for the next week. Yesterday it snowed (no accumulation). We've run out of firewood and had to buy another bunch of fuel oil to run the central heating.

It looks like spring, but it still feels like winter. These are muscari (grape hyacinth) in our yard.

I hope it warms up a bit... by summer. They told us that the year we moved here (2003), April was cold with a freeze that damaged buds and fruit trees. We arrived in June of that year to the hottest summer France saw in nearly fifty years. Anything can happen.


  1. That was the year we bought La Forge....
    we holiday'd here that year...
    during the "canicule"...
    we had 44C in the shade and 33C in the longére...
    everything is relative...
    after about three days, that 33 in the house felt freezing!
    Right now, I'd just like a little of that sunshine!!
    Just a little...

  2. Have you seen the satellite pics of the reason we are freezing our arses off here? There's a swirling vortex right across the Atlantic sucking in Arctic air -- woweee!

  3. Our wood pile is looking very anorexic :-(

    The little peach tree's buds are still closed -- sensible tree!!


  4. we have grape hyacinth also...but not for another 2-3 months yet! it's still cold and more winter-like than spring-like here also. I am bummed. where the F is the sun?!?

  5. Grape hyacinths, my favorites. Spring sure is taking it's time arriving here on the eastern shore of Delaware. It was 37 degrees this morning. At least I was able to plant pansies yesterday afternoon. Yesterday I saw the bluebird checking out the bluebird box in our backyard. This is the fourth year in a row. It may be cold but the bluebirds are here.That's all I need to know that spring has arrived.
    Retired in Delaware

  6. I know you cannot wait for "real" spring to arrive. 37 degrees (3 C) at 3 pm in your area. That is very un-spring like. The photo is gorgeous!

  7. Just saw some grape hyacinth starting to bud at the Missouri Botanical Garden yesterday-- I didn't remember what it was called, but I knew I'd seen it before.

    Heaven forbid if this cold spring brings another horribly hot summer to either of our regions!

  8. Oh, wishing you spring very soon! The photo is spectacular. It's amazing how misleading a close-up can be.

  9. Too used all your heat in 2003. There is no more.

  10. Nick said it felt more like November than March when we arrived in LGP yesterday.
    Even so, it's still better than what we left at home - marginally.

  11. tim, yes, a little of that warmth would be welcomed!

    susan, yes, that and the high pressure over Scandinavia.

    n&a, the plums are still flowering, but not much else. And that's probably a good thing.

    anne marie, I think the sun is still on spring break!

    ron, cool. For us, it's the cuckoos. I heard the first one a few days ago.

    nadege, I think spring sprung too early last year, and now we miss it.

    judy, we're never happy with the weather!

    mitch, there are certainly signs of spring all around, if you don't look at the thermometer!

    starman, no! Perish the thought!

    jean, welcome "home." I'll send you an email soon.

  12. I'm really fed up with that damn cold... The sun is shining but it feels as if we were in the mountains because of this chilly "bise"/north wind over here...
    Thinking of Ken and... my son who is flying back to Canada today ;-)

  13. Hmm,should have typed Mary :-)


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