Friday, March 15, 2013

It's still winter

As much as I'd like spring to spring, we're still in winter. The weather teases us with a little warm day here and there, but then it reminds us with a snow squall or a dip below freezing that we're still a few weeks (and now one week) before the equinox.

The almost-spring vineyard on a frosty morning. I can't wait for the buds to open!

Thursday was not a warm day, but it wasn't all that cold, either. I was surprised by several snow squalls, even with the thermometer well above freezing. Still, it was not warm. I continue to build fires in the wood stove and they're quite nice. But it's this time of year when I'm sick of cleaning out the ashes, lugging up the wood, and building the fire. As they say in French, vivement le printemps !


  1. RE: your post title - DAMMIT, it's still with us also! :(

    this past saturday I was on the sunporch and it was 70F. yesterday it was 36F and we had a dusting of snow. WTF?

    no wonder I need an aleve every morning; the sinus pressure is too much! :(

  2. I always like the regimented rows... The lines and wires lovely perspectives

  3. Do you put the ashes in the vegetable garden? I remember doing it when I was a little girl.
    I am going to watch "the untouchables" tonight. It got really good reviews in the US.

  4. My daffodills are REALLY just about to burst into bloom. One of them, in fact, has opened half way already. I can't wait :)

  5. Great photo.
    I'm looking forward to ones with blue skies in though.

  6. my daffodils are blooming tho it was 18 this am......Is Bertie fully integrated inside with Mlle Callie now??

  7. Same thing here in NYC. Freezing cold winds yesterday and snow/sleet called for this weekend. argh

  8. It's 20°C here which you would probably think is warm, but it's quite chilly to me.

  9. anne marie, I know! I'm ready to leave winter behind now.

    john, it's beautiful in person, most of my photos don't do it justice. But this one gets close. :)

    nadege, yes I do. And in the compost pile. I hope I'm not overdoing it...

    judy, cool!

    jean, you and me both!

    melinda, not really. Callie will not tolerate the cat inside the house. We have to keep them physically separated.

    angie, you can say that again!

    starman, I'd love 20º right now. It's not even 20º in the house.


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