Thursday, March 21, 2013

You have a point

The Washington Monument, completed in 1884, is the tallest structure in the District of Columbia at nearly 170 meters (555 feet). It's built in the shape of an obelisk and is hollow. Visitors used to be able to take an elevator to the top for views of the city, but an earthquake in 2011 damaged the structure and it's now closed for repairs.

The Washington Monument reflected in the tidal basin.

I've been to the top, although it was many years ago (like in the 1980s) and the few photos I have from then are packed away somewhere. You get better aerial views of DC on Google Maps, anyway, and you don't have to wait in line!


  1. I too have some old photos packed away of previous DC trips, however, I think new photos are in order.

  2. Climbed to the top when I was a kid! Wouldn't dare try that now even if it was open again.

  3. I don't remember ever being to the top of the Washington Monument, but my memory being what it is, I mighht well have been.


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