Thursday, March 14, 2013

More primroses

They're called primevères in French. We have one particularly large patch on the north side of our house where it's shady most of the day this time of year. But every year some of the flowers escape and they pop up here and there in unexpected places.

These are a more pale purple (mauve?) than the flowers in the last photo. We also have red, white, and yellow primroses out there.

Primroses are among the very first flowers of spring and it's always nice to see them bloom. I'm ready for this cold snap to end (hopefully by week's end). I'm tired of putting on the long johns for the morning walk!


  1. Soon Walt,'ll be able to leave the long johns at home when you go for your morning walks.

  2. Sadly, spring seems weeks away still here in Boston. :-(

  3. Ah, primroses are one of my favorite flowers, and they don't ever seem to be wild here, though I've naturalized the pale yellow ones, somewhat. And the English robins are lovely. You're probably right when you call them "European". Perhaps this year spring will arrive in Saint-Aignan with a rush and it will suddenly be too warm, all at once.

  4. I love primroses. Like you, we have had enough of winter now......time for it to leave and let us get on with our lives - I always feel that life is on hold in winter and only really gets into gear when spring comes.

  5. I also love primroses and your photos are, of course, exceptional.

    Jerry is wearing long underwear HERE in the morning. I don't think he'd leave the house in Saint-Aignan!


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