Monday, March 11, 2013

Just in case you need one

These look like some kind of utility pole on the ground next to a trailer in another section of the organized artsy neighbor's current installation. Can you see Callie inspecting the ground under the trailer?

These aren't the only public works-related items out there. They might be a hint to the O.A.N's. prior occupation.

I'll keep an eye out for any new developments as Spring approaches. There's so much I still haven't shown you (piles of roof tiles, sand, and gravel for example). I'll save that for another time.


  1. I hope the neighbour never finds out you've been posting all this stuff on the internet! Never mind the neighbour being a closet artist -- I think you've got some sort of surreal project on the go :-)

  2. But you never know when you will need a replacement telephone cable pole? That trailer doesn't look as though it has moved in a while tho'...
    As Susan says... a rather surreal set of posts... but what it does for the imagination!

  3. Those two utility poles would be ideal in my garden for my garden lights.
    Please be careful with Callie and that galvanise sheeting, it cuts easily and deeply...talking from experience here.
    I agree with Susan, hope you aren't posting photos of stolen property.

  4. Ever watch A&E's reality show, "Hoarders"? Their website makes it easy to nominate people for future shows. "Hoarders International", perhaps?

  5. The arboretum in Washington DC found a use for columns that were retired from the U. S. Capitol building. Not much of a use; I think they're just standing in a meadow, but I'd like to think that your neighbor has a grand gardening scheme in mind.

    I couldn't leave it there. I had to check and found that there's now a reflecting pool next to the arboretum's columns and that landscape architect Russell Page had a hand in choosing the location, and that it's the most photographed feature of the arboretum.

  6. What a scavenger this fellow is! I'm curious to get a look at him. He has provided Callie with a smelling garden....

  7. I can see Callie, but can't tell she's under the trailer.


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