Saturday, March 02, 2013

Snow on the limbs

The snow has been gone for days, but I still have all these pictures. I keep thinking about all the stuff I have to do out in the yard and garden in the coming weeks. I should have a chance to get out there real soon since we're not expecting any rain and its warming up a bit.

Snow-covered tree branches.

I could get some things done out there now, but the ground is still a bit too wet. I'm waiting for it to dry out a little. Way to procrastinate!


  1. Walt... get out there... rain starts again on Tuesday!!

  2. Ahhh, that's a favorite sight for me right after a snowfall-- the tree limbs lined with a coating of snow, before it all starts to get blown off. Nice photo :)

  3. Never put off until Spring what you can put off until Fall!

  4. tim, uh, maybe...

    judy, thanks.

    starman, that's my motto!


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