Wednesday, March 06, 2013


I mentioned yesterday how the man who keeps his patch of woods neat and tidy also keeps piles of odd things out there. This is part of the northern side of his rather large wood pile. I wonder if these panels of doors and corrugated metal serve to protect the wood from the weather?

Odd, but it makes for a nice photo.

But then, what is the tire for? And why is all the wood not covered? Ah, little mysteries to ponder.


  1. Perhaps he is an artist and what you are looking at is an "installation" or "A work in progress"?

  2. An odd photo of odd stuff, but I do believe that the corrugated panels are serving the purpose of protecting whats underneath.

  3. I guess it's open to let the air circulate so the wood doesn't rot. Very neat!

  4. It looks like an art installation. Very nice photo.

  5. I think he just piled the panels and tire along with the wood with no actual purpose in mind.


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