Sunday, March 03, 2013

Chilly mornings

Although maybe not this chilly. We're expecting a high near 10ºC (50ºF) today, but this morning we're just above freezing. Next week our highs are supposed to get closer to 15ºC (near 60ºF). The weather people are getting us all jazzed up for springtime conditions. They had better be right.

One week ago today we got a dusting of snow.

The daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips are all up, although none of them is close to blooming yet. The roses are making leaves and the buds on shrubs and trees are fattening up. Patience... patience.


  1. Proof indeed that the weather is upside down. Here in Scotland (usually several weeks behind you) daffodils are full out thanks to 2 weeks of dry, sunny spring like conditions. We'll pay for it...

  2. you are much further along than I am! none of my flowers (save the snowdrops) are up. and I can see the tiny beginnings of buds on the bradford pear and the weeping cherry. but that's it; it's still too cold here - daytime highs of 1 or 2C.

  3. Hope the ill-fated wisteria is also
    feeling the stirring of Spring.

  4. I periodically look through my springtime photos from the last two years here at our new house, to remind myself how LUSH and GREEN and FLOWERY everything WILL get... it WILL! Really! That's what I keep having to tell myself. It's hard to believe, thtough!

  5. Walt,

    We have daffodils up already. That's what I like about living in this temperate zone. For years I used to visit my friend Bob here in Delaware from my former home in Pennsylvania and always envied that his daffodils were up before mine in Pennsylvania. Now I can enjoy those harbingers of spring early just like my friend.

    Another beautiful picture you posted.


  6. Our cowslips have just started appearing and there's an odd flower on the Japanese quince too :-)

  7. Nothing says 'spring' for me as seeing daffodils peeping up from the ground which is still cold and snowy - spring is coming !

  8. That road looks like it could be miles and miles to the nearest town.

  9. craig, I hope not too dearly...

    anne marie, our snowdrops are still up, but they're just about done.

    sheila, I can see buds!

    judy, I do that all the time, too.

    ron, thanks! I've been here for ten years now and I'm still readjusting to the seasons!

    n&a, cool. I haven't seen cowslips yet...

    michael, yippee!

    starman, that might be because it is. ;)


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