Monday, March 18, 2013

Dramatic skies

Last night I was up a lot. I'm currently in one of my cycles of not sleeping well in the middle of the night (it may have to do with taking a nap during the day). When I look out the window the sky is crystal clear and the stars and the crescent moon are brilliant. Then, in the morning, clouds gather as the sun rises.

The sun setting over the vineyards on Friday evening.

The vineyard road is wet, wet, wet from the weekend rains. That doesn't bother Callie one bit. In fact she likes to tromp through puddles (and take a drink now and then). She's a dirty mess when we get home from our walks and she gets a shower every time.


  1. We've got nothing but grey skies and nasty snowy/sleety rain, and cold temps here.

    What's the bird up in the side photo, Walt?

    1. judy, I can relate to that! The bird is a European robin, called "rouge-gorge" in French.

  2. Hope your sleep cycle settles down soon and gets back to normal.
    My sleep pattern has changed somewhat as well, staying up later, and sleeping later, maybe it's the change of the sun or the wave action, not sure....anyway I can sympathise with you.
    Brownie gets an underbody wash when he goes out into the mud for a walk. I think Callie is smart in muddying herself up and getting a shower every time.

  3. Anxiety can produce disturbed sleep. Maybe you're worried about something even though you don't realise it.
    I sometimes like not being able to sleep, sitting up and reading a book in the middle of the night seems quite indulgent, having the luxury of time completely to myself......until morning when the lack of sleep makes me feel like death warmed up, especially if I have to drag myself to work !!

  4. To sleep, perchance to dream.......

  5. Love that gorgeous sky photo! If only I was an artist and could render such clouds...
    I've read that when one cannot sleep, getting up and reading or doing something that makes you tired is a good thing - so I have sometimes awakened at 2 or 3 in the morning and read a book for up to 45 minutes before my eyelids can't stay open any longer. It works for me! But, then, I don't have to get up and be at work in the mornings.


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