Sunday, March 17, 2013

Waiting for warmth

This grape vine is pruned and ready to start leafing out. Once it does, shoots will rise up from the horizontal canes and the vineyard will be green again.

This vine has two canes attached to the support wire. Many of the vines around us are pruned to only one cane.

Today is Saint Patrick's Day in the United States. Well, I suppose it's St.-Patrick's Day all over, but nobody celebrates it like the (mostly non-Irish) Americans. All week, the internet has been filled with photos (mostly from Americans) of green bagels, green beer, green clothing, and all sorts of references to green stuff.

And, while it is also St.-Patrick's day in France, I have yet to see a green croissant or a green baguette.


  1. "yet to see a green croissant or a green baguette"...
    and thank the Gods for that!!
    The only 'green' beer should be beer that hasn't matured yet and is too young to serve... not beer with food colourant added!!

  2. Perish the thought .... a green baguette!!

  3. I don't celebrate today at all; I'm not irish and I don't care.

    we had snow yesterday; yes, SNOW. a dusting, but still SNOW. this needs to stop RIGHT NOW!

  4. I've seen more green macarons in France than I could shake a shillelagh at.

    1. dean, I forgot about those. But they're not made for St. Patrick's day. :)

  5. True, true. It's fun for kids to have a parade to go to (we have two big ones in St. Louis-- one, downtown, on Saturday of the closest weekend to the 17th, and another actually on the 17th in the Irish neighborhood of the city). One is more of a drinking fest than the other. I just want to stay off of the roads!

  6. Who needs an excuse to drink anyway?

  7. With just a little luck, you never will see a green croissant or a green baguette!

  8. I read Irish literature, and hear Celtic Music rather. No green nasty beer thank you very much. I will have some Irish Whiskey though. and think of redheaded sorts.


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