Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A misty morning

Sunday morning was not overcast and the waning moon fell fast in the west. As the sun rose, a low mist formed. Ground fog, or Tule fog as they call it in California. It didn't last long, maybe ten or fifteen minutes, before it dissipated.

You can see the mist forming and settling in the low spots.

I had decided to take the long lens out, without knowing that there would be fog. I regretted not taking the tripod out, too. The light was low and the tripod would have let me take longer exposures with better depth of field. I was restricted to hand-held apertures and shutter speeds, meaning very shallow depth of field and grainy images. Still, I think I got a few good shots, so I'll share them.


  1. What's wrong with a grainy shot... everything doesn't have to be pin sharp... this is a lovely shot!
    We had a bank of mist roll along the valley on Sunday, but it wasnt as photogenic as this.

    Oh, your three ducks are in fact Grand Cormorans...
    currently a protected species, although the fisherfolk would rather they weren't!!

  2. I think a little grain for a photo like this is no problem. It's the composition (like that bend in the road) and the colors that matter. Well done !


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