Wednesday, January 15, 2014


We're close to a full moon; I think it's officially full on Thursday. Yesterday I walked Callie in the afternoon just before sunset. We could see the nearly full moon rising in the east. Callie thinks the moon is like a hot-air balloon. She barks at it and tries to chase it through the vineyards.

The waxing gibbous moon rises on 14 January.

We took our usual afternoon walk down through the woods into the river valley, following the moon, until we turned our backs on it to climb back up the hill toward home.


  1. Had to laugh at envisioning Callie chasing the moon. (Lunatic = ''barking' mad?) But very sweet, though, bless her.

  2. (throws back her head and howls, werewolf style)

  3. Wonderful panorama ! Perfect composition.

  4. I hope it doesn't rain tonight so you can see the full moon. Beautiful shot!

  5. Callie is a unique animal! It's snowing in Alabama, but it won't amount to anything except a bit of excitement at the sight.

  6. That is gorgeous.

  7. Lovely picture - both the photo and the thought of Callie chasing the moon. It's not looking too good for tonight's moonrise... P.

  8. Say, we have the same moon! Only ours got more trimmings.

  9. That photo is sooooo serene. Love it.

  10. raybeard, you often see little signs where dogs live cautioning about a "chien lunatic," which means, I think, "unpredictable dog." It's manner changes with the moon.

    anne marie, awoooooooooo!

    stuart, I love the crop tool!

    nadege, no such luck. Overcast with rain.

    evelyn, snow! Wow!

    carolyn, merci.

    pauline, you were right about that. More sogginess...

    mitch, gracias!

    michael, trimmings?

    mary, thanks!


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