Thursday, January 09, 2014

All wet

The weather, that is. While it's been bitterly cold in a large portion of the USA, the temperatures in France and Western Europe in general have been unseasonably warm for the past few weeks. It's positively spring-like with birds singing, plants growing, and buds fattening up.

Water stands in the few level spots in the vineyard.

And, of course, we've had a lot of rain. In fact, Wednesday was the first day in a while that we had a good deal of sun. It was nice. But it's not normal.


  1. Nor are these ridiculously high temperatures!
    I took a walk round the meadow yesterday afternoon...
    and noticed that willow catkins were beginning to open!!

  2. Well, Dedene posted on FB that our cold snap and wintry weather is headed your way... well, her way, anyway, and she isn't far from you, I believe.

  3. we are beginning to thaw; temps here for the weekend should be in the 50sF.

    PS - which one of you found the toy in the king cake?

  4. tim, I see them on our hazelnuts and birches, too. Seems too early.

    judy, I hope it warms up some before it gets here!

    anne marie, good! Neither one of us got it until the last piece, which I ate. So, it was me!


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