Monday, January 27, 2014

Even more rain

And wind. We got more rain yesterday afternoon and into the night. Then, sometime around midnight I think, the wind gusts picked up and the rainclouds blew away. I saw stars out the window. My walk with Callie in the evening was short given that we were having a wind-driven rain downpour.

A cinder-block garage/out-building with a red metal roof.

This red-roofed building is one we pass when we walk down the hill on our normal afternoon walks. I say normal because right now the path down is so saturated that I'm afraid to slip in the mud, so I'm avoiding it for the time being. That's too bad, because once we get down, it's a nice flat walk and we come back up the hill on our paved road.

I like the red metal roof. Our little carport (where I store firewood) has the same style roof.


  1. That red really reverberates on an overcast day. Nice composition !

  2. What were you saying about "boring weather"? Wishing you a clear path soon.


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