Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birches and vines

I still see a lot of color out in the vineyards and woods, even though we're in January. The sun highlights the reds in the bare bark and there are plenty of evergreens around. Many of our shorter grasses stay a vibrant green throughout the winter.

I will try to remember to take the same shot after the vines have been pruned in this section.

So far this winter has been quite mild, even unseasonably warm. But that may be changing; I notice that we are predicted to get lower lows this coming week. I wonder if we'll see snow in February?


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    1. Before reading the comments, I come up with my own response:

      nice contrast of color! (nearly exactly!)

  2. I always used to think that if we can at least get into Feb without having a period of deep freeze then any cold spell that we then get is not likely to last very long. Now (and we are not so far from you) I look at my 'notes' for last year and see that our coldest sustained blast of last Winter, coupled with heavy snow, started on 11th MARCH and lasted for nearly three weeks. So way to go before we can feel safely out of the woods. Could yet be Brrrrrrrrry one!

  3. Boy, I hope so (the snow)... beautiful pano !

  4. Would not imagine this as a place to see grapes. Something about how the "vines" look like sticks.


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