Friday, January 10, 2014

Little green apples

This is a small apple tree that grows along the vineyard road. Every year it's got maybe a dozen apples on it and they all fall to the ground to feed the wildlife. There are so many apple trees in our neighborhood that no one would think to harvest these few.

Silhouetted against a morning sky.

Since it hasn't rained much in the last few days, the puddles are beginning to drain. But the ground is still soaked and squishes under foot in many places.


  1. That makes a wonderful, organic, abstraction.

  2. stuart, it's kind of stark, a contrast to the actual weather which, as you know, is wet, wet, wet, and things are actually growing.

  3. Lovely photo, and the clouds in the back make it even more interesting.

  4. It does look like abstract art.


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