Monday, January 13, 2014

Artichoke in winter

I haven't yet cut down the artichokes in our garden. The dead stalks and their spent flowers are still standing. This week I noticed that new leaves are growing out of the ground at the base of the stalks, probably due to the warm, wet weather we've been having. If and when we have another freeze, they may die back, but they will likely sprout again in the spring.

Artichokes are as pretty in death as they are in life.

Some time in the month ahead I will get out there and prune down the dead stalks, along with some roses and the other light pruning I've got to do.


  1. I would not have known it was an artichoke.

  2. michael, nature is amazing!

    starman, you probably would have when it was green and closed up. ;)


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