Thursday, January 30, 2014

The second pole is down

On Wednesday the crew showed up and took down the second utility pole behind our house. This one was on the northwest corner of our property. They rolled a big backhoe/digger along the rain-saturated grass roadway, turning it into a big muddy mess. Then they sawed through the concrete pole at its base and knocked it over.

The downed electric power pole. It used to stand just beyond the end of the low hedge on the right.

The backhoe dragged the pole up closer to the paved road; I assume a truck will come by some time soon to carry it away. After that, they ran the backhoe back down to where the pole stood and dug out the footing. The whole process took about thirty minutes. Quick work.

Looking back toward the paved road. Our hedge on the left. Muddy tracks in the middle.

Later, I heard the machinery out beyond the vineyard parcel on our north side. I looked to see that the crew was taking down a couple of other poles out there. There is still one pole standing in the middle of the vines. I don't know how they're going to get that one out.


  1. I trust this is not your main power line ! Are they just getting rid of old poles or are they going to be replaced ?

    1. stuart, nope. These are the lines that were undergrounded last fall. They brought power into the hamlet. Now the lines are buried and the transformer is in a box on the ground. A big improvement.

  2. I see the mud that you guys talk about! Mucky stuff....

  3. Hi, Walt. Were you able to get any of the glass insulators?

  4. Thirty minutes! I'm impressed. There's always so much talk about french contractors taking there time...must be different working for a civic organization, perhaps a tighter contract?

  5. faux pas... "their" time!

    oops (!)

  6. evelyn, it's even worse in person than it looks in the photos.

    dean, I could have, with some tools, but decided a photo was enough. I have enough junk around the house as it is. ;)

    mary, I haven't got a clue!


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