Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bare maples

This is the view from our terrace/deck. In summer, these two trees are thick with dark red leaves that filter the morning sunlight. This time of year, the leaves are gone and the low winter sun can shine through. When there is sun.

A neighbor's house across the road is visible in winter but hidden from view in summer.

Fortunately, these past few days have seen breaks in the successive weather systems and we've seen a good amount of blue sky and sun. The ground is still wet and muddy, though, so doing a lot outdoors is difficult.


  1. The sun was indeed glorious yesterday... while it lasted. Nice shot of the trees ! (I'm not sure what happened to my comment from yesterday? Anyway, I liked your retired artichoke!)

  2. Walt...
    doing a lot outdoors...
    is just plain soggy!

  3. It's a benefit of winter. When we lived in Connecticut, surrounded by woods, winter opened up our view for miles.

  4. When the ground's soggy, a good time to watch tennis in front of the tellie!

    We're enjoying a dry spell here in Oregon as well. This weekend my work took me up along the Willamette River into the forests and near one of our local ski resorts. The reservoir of the Look-Out Point dam (my father worked on the construction of it in the 50's as an electrician) was so low I was shocked. Oregon needs more rain, desperately.

  5. Hi Walt, been watching the tennis here? They're dropping like flies as our organisers keep them playing in the heat! 43c here yesterday and similar today! That's nearly 110 in the old money. Nasty.

  6. Typing stopped working! Anyway, I like the look of your maples. That looks like my kind of temp. See you in October. Sue

  7. stuart, yes, the sun was nice while it lasted. Hopefully there will be more in the months to come!

    tim, yup.

    mitch, we can use all the light we can get up here.

    mary, you can say that again! Hope you get the needed rain.

    starman, no, this is a summer house owned by some people who live in Blois.

    leon, yes, I'm watching. It's amazing how hot it is. There.

    sue, october can be nice, or not. Depends on the year. Let's keep our fingers crossed!


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