Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where the dirt road ends

Just beyond our house, our little street becomes a dirt road that continues out through the vineyards. It connects with two paved roads at a little intersection that's normally the western limit of our daily walk. Of the three roads, only one is marked with a sign at the intersection.

I think the birds have been using the street sign as a perch.

Intervals of rain and sun continue. On Tuesday we had some sun. Right now it's light rain. Ugh.


  1. Rain and sun, rain and sun, rain and sun. Thank heavens for both, but I'm sure the sun is more fun.

    1. Judy,
      Sun rhymes with sun,
      But, for me, rain rhymes with pain!

  2. I take it "perch" is the French word for "toilet."

  3. Looks like you need some snow out there in Shangri-La. :)

  4. Love this composition. But "chotinière" is not in any of my dictionaries !

  5. judy, just a little dry spell would be welcome at this point!

    chm, lol!

    mitch, your language skills amaze me. ;)

    ron, actually, we wouldn't mind a little. You seem to be getting a lot!

    stuart, I think it's probably because it's a family name. Many of the little hamlets around us are named like that. Ours is la Renaudière. We're told it's where a family named Renaud once lived.


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