Sunday, January 26, 2014

Boring weather

It's neither warm nor cold. But it remains wet. There hasn't been enough time between rain systems for things to dry out. We're not getting massive quantities of rain, just near constant rain. Everything outdoors is soggy. Good days for staying in with the television, cooking warm food.

Pruned grape vines and posts on a misty morning.

And good for getting indoor work done, like organizing computer files, clothes drawers, hemming and patching, etc. We also have to begin thinking about emptying the kitchen and the den when the guy comes to repair the ceilings. The kitchen ceiling was damaged by leaking and the den ceiling has a large crack in it (it's been there since we bought the house, we just haven't fixed it). The den will also have the last of the old wallpaper removed. The work will be happening sometime in the next couple of months.


  1. yep, now is the time for cleaning out, readying items for the local thrift shop, discarding junk, etc.

  2. Your eye for a picture is wonderful, Walt....
    I could live with this picture on the wall...
    probably blown up to about 5ft wide!
    The light in it is strangely attractive...
    and as for the graffix...
    all those little vine people waving their arms in the air...

  3. this is a most fascinating photo.

  4. The contrast between the straight, white poles and crooked, dark vines is wonderful.

  5. Walt,
    I call the months of January and February my "black and white" months. The "just get through it months." But oh the wait is worth it, then there is spring!

  6. Glad to know that you're feeling confident enough to go ahead with the kitchen ceiling repair :)

  7. Brilliant, slightly disturbing photo.
    The vines look uncannily like people, possibly making some kind of protest.
    I wouldn't be surprised if this photo catches the eye of someone, someone on the lookout for a good photo.

  8. I agree with Jean, I like the vineyard photo but it is unsettling - as a good photo should. We in the U.K are fed up with rain. Walking Mortimer is a heavy slog through mud and a good rub down at the end of it.

  9. anne marie, and then, spring cleaning!

    tim, they do look a little like people, eh?

    michael, sometimes I get lucky.

    stuart, the vineyard is filled with contrasts in all seasons.

    ron, I hear ya!

    judy, well, we're getting there. We've had some good downpours with no leaking so far.

    jean, it's kind of cemetery like, I think.

    sharon, we are fed up, too. But I suppose it could be worse: snow.

  10. This is an extraordinary photo, Walt. Bravo.

    1. bob, thanks! Bonne année to you and Norma! Hope you are both well.


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