Thursday, January 02, 2014

Rise and shine

If we're lucky, we'll see a bit more of the sun today. On New Year's Day, the morning started out overcast, but then the sun came out for a couple of hours before the next storm system moved in during the afternoon. Last night was windy and wet.

Another sunrise shot from earlier in the week. Today looks similar.

This morning, the sky is very bright as we await the sunrise. Another storm system is expected to bring us wind and rain on Friday and again on Saturday. Our temperatures are quite mild for this time of year, high 40sF up to 50F. It feels like spring, but we know there will be more winter in the months ahead.


  1. Wow. Another beauty. I like the layers of color piled on deep.

  2. What sunrises! We had a glorious, warm, sunny New Year's Day. Today has been cloudy and rainy at times. (Of course, we would complain about the cold on a 40F to 50F day! Today is a very chilly 57.

    (Just had a very twilight zone moment: The security code to enter my comment was our 7-digit phone number when I was a kid!!!

  3. Good for you, putting away the Christmas stuff. It's amazing to me-- for a whole month before Christmas, everything, honestly, feels magical and special and the twinkling tree seems so wonderful and part of that. And then, suddenly... the day after Christmas, the whole thing feels kind of super deflated... like... why is there a tree in the living room?? :) I have to do our tree this weekend.

  4. One would think you had just about shown us all of the tree stands near your home (she said facetiously!) but I certainly love this photo, the colors, and the grouping of trees.

    I am sure loving the longer days and mornings that are actually showing some sky (we've had so much fog previously). As you said, though, we are just starting winter, so even though here, we, too, are expecting 40-50 f. degree temps we have to be prepared...


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