Friday, January 31, 2014

No poles

Here is a shot of the back of our property without utility poles. For the moment, I haven't looked for similar shots with the poles for comparison. That will come later. You can see a small part of our house on the right.

The little pond out back has yet to freeze over this year. Maybe in February?

One of the poles stood where you see the bare dirt (or mud) in the right foreground. The other was just taken out in the background, to the left of the short hedge. We had the hedges cut down low in the back, but kept them high along the paved road for privacy. The difference in height is obvious in this picture. I can trim the low hedges myself, but I can no longer do the tall ones. We found a good gardener to do those for the time being.

Maybe one day we'll have them all cut down short, but I'm not ready for that yet. The building with the "Z" shutters is our garden shed, where the lawnmower, rototiller, and wheelbarrows live.


  1. Without even seeing the "before" photos, I'm sure it looks a lot nicer now. And that is one substantial hedge !

  2. if I didn't know this was france, I would look at this picture and swear it was taken here in PA.

  3. What a great change with the poles gone, I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing the comparison shots.

  4. The green box that is is "cut into" the foreground hedge must be owned by the utility company, isn't it ?

  5. January really isn't a month to travel anywhere, it seems. Mud, grey skies, rain, snow, more snow, frigid weather are descriptors I've read or heard about just about everywhere. For me, it makes sense to curl up with a book, study my french, try to learn more about bidding and responding in Bridge and just saving up for a trip to France when the weather will be more inviting!

    And through it all, you've kept me interested with your photos, Walt! The greenery provided by your hedges makes for an interesting vertical contrast to the horizontal pond. Were the Z shutters something you guys added? It must be a nice focal point from inside your home.

  6. stuart, that's a bit less than half the hedge. It wraps around three sides of the property. A bear to keep trimmed!

    anne marie, except, there's no snow! ;)

    mitch, look no further than Saturday's post!

    t.b., yes, it is. They paid us to cut into the hedge and install it there.

    mary, those shutters were here when we bought the house. They're in very bad shape and need to be replaced. We put the white door on the shed; the old door was crumbling.


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