Saturday, February 01, 2014

After and before

I found a picture of our property from back in December with the two electric utility poles still standing. The wires were gone, but the poles remained. Once I figured out where I was standing and what lens I used to take the photo, I took the camera and tripod out to about the same spot and took this picture on Friday:

The "after" photo, taken 31 January 2014.

If you compare it to the December photo (below), you can see which poles were removed. The most obvious, to me, is the pole that was between where I was standing and our house (on the right side of the picture). The other missing pole is on the far left below, now gone in the photo above.

The "before" photo, taken 20 December 2013.

There are actually three poles on the left in the "before" photo. One is very hard to see; it looks like a tree trunk and is to the right of the other two. The center pole is still standing because it's planted right in the middle of a vineyard parcel. It'll be interesting to see how they take it down.


  1. I suppose your happiness to see them removed is equal to that of the owners when they were first put in !

    1. Now... there's an interesting thought!
      There are some things we just take for granted...

  2. True, Stuart!
    These are great photos, Walt.

  3. Great before and afters. What an improvement. I love Stuart's comment.

  4. Photo history is important history indeed; and with you, always lovely.


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