Friday, February 07, 2014

Hydrangea update

Remember when I told you about propagating hydrangeas? At the end of the summer I made some cuttings from our single hydrangea with the intention of making new shrubs for the front of the house. I let them root in sterile soil for a few months, then transplanted them into bigger pots so they could grow.

Each cutting started out with four trimmed leaves. You can see the new growth in the middle.

Well, they seem to be doing fine. They're putting up new leaves, albeit slowly. It is winter after all. I've already started to increase their water regimen. As spring gets closer, I plan to add in some plant food to spur their growth.

Even more new leaves in the middle of this cutting.

I made eight new plants in all. I'm hopeful that they'll be sturdy enough to plant outside by late spring/early summer. I'll keep you posted.


  1. They look like happy campers to me. Good luck !

  2. Yes, do keep us posted! Any hydrangea news is good news :)

  3. In what medium will you plant them? Acidic, alkaline or let mother nature do her work?

  4. How are the Yellow Jasmine cuttings doing? Are they blooming yet?

  5. Hmm... Propagating hydrangeas in some quantity, eh? Be careful M. le Gendarme doesn't come calling (there's a certain amount of mild hilarity here at reports from the French press that people have taken to stealing hydrangea to use as - wait for it - a cannabis substitute).


    I am sick and tired of white (now dirty) snow everywhere. :(

  7. there is nothing so lovely as a young plant.

  8. stuart, thanks. I hope it works!

    judy, will do!

    nadege, we'll put some new dirt (from the nursery) into the plot and probably amend it with coffee grounds and used tea bags, then see how they do. I'll have to do some more reading.

    chm, we were worried because they lost all their leaves in the fall. But now it looks like they're covered in little buds, so we're hopeful for new leaves, if not flowers.

    autolycus, hilarious! I hadn't heard about that...

    evelyn, :)

    anne marie, I know your pain. At this point in the year you just want it to stop!

    michael, true. And bon voyage!


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