Sunday, February 23, 2014

Machinery in black and white

This is part of an old rusty plow that the artsy organized neighbor has stored among his collection out beside the vineyard. I liked how the rain collected in the curve of rusted metal just below the nut and bolt.

Rusty metal and a dead oak leaf.

I made a decision about the sports channels I wanted and added them to my subscription on Saturday. I appreciate the comments about watching tennis on the computer, but the satellite is more convenient. With the satellite boxes (we have two, one in the LR and another up in the loft) I can record matches that are broadcast live over night, which happens when tournaments are being played on the other side of the world. Also, I learned that this new sports channel is carrying Wimbledon through 2018 and NFL (American football) games for the next two years. The ability to watch on either television, record for later viewing, and get the NFL made the extra cost seem worth it to me. I've got them right where they want me.


  1. heh heh :) Good for you.
    Glad you had a sunny day, too! Love the photo, as alllllllways.

  2. Oh that is nice. I like the texture, that curve, and of course the B&W treatment.


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