Monday, February 17, 2014

The rainbow connection

After a mostly sunny Sunday (appropriately named), we experienced a short rain squall. It lasted maybe ten minutes. The sky cleared as it passed toward the northeast and treated us to a brilliant arc-en-ciel (rainbow).

Looking toward the northeast. The sun was already shining on us as the rain squall moved eastward.

These photos don't do it justice. The rainbow stretched in a perfect unbroken arc from north to south, bright and clear from one end to the other. I couldn't get the whole thing in the frame from our deck, so these partial shots will have to do.

Looking through the trees.

As the squall passed on out of sight, the rainbow started to fade. First from the top of the arc, then progressively down each side until I could only see the stubs of the rainbow through the trees at ground level. Then they, too, faded.

Looking out the kitchen window toward the rainbow's southeast leg.


  1. That really is an intense rainbow(s)... I see there was at least partially a 2nd one. These things are really magical. And we could use some magic in these gray days of winter. Well captured !

  2. ooooh, a double rainbow! lucky! one for you and one for ken. nice pix!

  3. Snap! And I can't even raise you "an outer bow"....
    a lovely set of shots.

  4. The second photo is stunning, Walt!

  5. Amazing photos of a wonderful effect.

  6. My fav is the second one, like CHM. You've captured some of the magic, but it's hard to reproduce the light which is part of the beauty.

  7. You got some terrific shots of the rainbow!


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