Saturday, February 15, 2014

All choked up

I still haven't cut down the dead artichoke stalks in the back yard. Now the leaves have begun to peel back and fall off to reveal the fluffy choke inside each flower head. Meanwhile, at ground level, new leaves are sprouting.

One of last year's artichokes. They'll get cut back when we have some dry weather.

I also noticed that the rhubarb plants are breaking through the soil. I think they're about a month early. In 2012, I took pictures of them pushing up in the middle of March, which feels normal to me. Last night was quite warm for mid-February and our low this morning is above 9ºC which is close to 50ºF.


  1. I've noticed the same with the "roobarb"...
    and I need to move ours!
    It is just going to have to be moved in the green!!

  2. Beautiful "portrait" (in landscape format). This guy may be dead but he hasn't given up.

  3. Before the ridiculously frigid temps and snow storms started here this year, my daffodils had started pushing up their little green tips in the front garden... like, back in December. They're just frost-bitten now.

  4. 9C may seem warm to you guys, but it's near freezing for us!

  5. tim, mine has to be weeded.

    stuart, it won't be long until I cut 'em down!

    judy, ours are up now.

    starman, I like it warmer, but we should be having freezes and snow this time of year.


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