Thursday, February 13, 2014

Periodic puppy pics

Here's Callie running toward me on Wednesday morning. We were out near the far end of our walk where the roads intersect. When a car or two goes by, she hangs back. She doesn't like cars. That look in her eyes is typical, pure Callie.

You can see that Callie's paws are muddy. But they're less muddy than usual because this morning was cold and a little frosty.

After the cars pass, she runs out to where I'm standing, waiting for her. I get a quick kiss and we turn back toward home.


  1. Puppy pics are a good thing. Nice portrait with that low morning sun.

  2. She looks so beautiful in this pic.
    Looks like that , by now, she knows how to "pose"

  3. stuart, she'll be 7 years old soon. More pix to come!

    anne marie, lol

    judy, Callie, being a French dog. knows how to do "air kisses." I often have to tell her I want a "real kiss" to get her to actually lick me.

    t.b., it's easier with the zoom lens!

    starman, ;D

  4. Callie is such a pretty pooch. Lucky too, in that she has so much area to play. Yes, cars are bad Callie.

  5. rick, she enjoys the freedom, I think. But she won't go very far without one of us.


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