Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Little daisies and veronicas

With this year's relatively warm winter (so far), we're seeing early signs of spring. Among them are les paquerettes (lawn daisies), a wild perennial that usually doesn't flower in winter's cold. But when the winter is mild, they will put up a few blooms.

The underside of many daisy petals are tinged with red color.

I've also seen la Véronique de Perse (persian veronica), blooming out there. That flower is also a spring bloomer, but can (and obviously does) produce flowers as early as February.

Veronica persica. I think.

As you know, I'm not an expert when it comes to identifying flora and fauna. I use the internet to help me and sometimes I get it wrong. As always, feel free to let me know if you notice that I've misidentified something.


  1. You captured that daisy perfectly ! What a explosion of color.

  2. I'm with Stuart on the Daisy... it is lovely...
    the Speedwells are nice too...
    Identification spot on V.persica...
    English name is Common Field Speedwell...
    Véronique de Perse in French.
    Flowers all year... to greater or lesser amounts depending...
    as you said...
    on the weather.

  3. I love the speedwells. So delicate! Such a pity to have to haul them out of the vegetable beds.

  4. all I can see (as far as the eye can see) is snow snow snow. not a pretty flower in sight. then I come here; I get a smile from the flora.

  5. So nice to see these reminders of spring in the middle of your winter.

  6. Olivier posted the same flowers few days ago. Please send your rain to the West coast!

  7. We are in a record drought here in the US Southwest and we TOTALLY miss rain! We are actually looking forward to some rainy days when we go to France this summer!

  8. Ditto what Mitchell said -- and Cheryl and Stuart :)

  9. Hope that spring is only a few weeks away


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