Sunday, February 09, 2014

No weather for drying clothes

We still have a few months before we can hang clothes outside to dry. This clothesline belongs to one of our neighbors. She uses it when she's here in the warmer months. We use ours, too. It's nice to be able to hang clothes outside in the nice weather.

A common sight around here: concrete clothesline poles.

We also have a clothesline hanging in the utility room, along with a drying rack that stands on the floor. In winter, the clothes hang inside. Ken drapes some items on the radiators, too. They dry faster and humidify the rooms at the same time. Our ten year old clothes dryer is in very good shape seeing as it doesn't get used much. But every now and then you just need to dry something in the machine.


  1. Many thanks for the clothes line photograph - I'm a bit of a clothes line addict with a whole heap of photos! I dry my laundry outside all year round (yep! even this past month in rain sodden England). After ironing I hang them on an airer and there perfect. Nothing like crisp air-dried cotton sheets to give a good night's sleep.

  2. Those clothes dryers (machines) are a rarity here. At first I couldn't imagine how I'd survive, but it was surprisingly easy to make the switch. Fortunately, we have more opportunities to dry our clothes outside. (But I've never seen it look as artful as your photo.)

  3. In AZ, there is so little humidity things dry in an instant out of doors. I wish I had a clothesline; but the HOA would become quite truculent if I erected one.

  4. sharon, I haven't tried outdoor drying in the winter. I get too chilly!

    judy, yup.

    mitch, and think of the money you save on electricity!

    michael, that amazes me. The perfect place to dry clothes outside, and it's environmentally responsible, but not allowed. America the free!

    1. AZ is a curious mixture of zealots screaming for 'don't fence me in' yet impose the most minute laws, mostly moral ones. It's fascinating yet frustrating. "No government!" is combined with "you can't paint your house in anything but these approved colours (all brown)".

  5. When I was a kid, my mother used to dry our clothes on a line. I never liked it because they always felt stiff and course. Give me an electric dryer any day!


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